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Karcher Repairs

Karcher machines can be repaired and put in operation again. With our specially...

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Karcher Servicing

We're proud to say, service is and always will be a priority. Our services...

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Karcher Parts

Karcher is renowned for manufacturing pressure washers in different sizes...

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Karcher Products

Karcher, being one of the leading producers of office cleaning products...

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Karcher Repairs

Karcher machines can be repaired and put in operation again. With our specially trained and certified engineers with repair stations for each product group and a full stock of replacement parts will ensure a high-quality repair of your Karcher machine. Here at Karcher Doctor, every Karcher machine will undergo a test and inspection to identify what the problem is and what the solution to the problem.

Our certified and professional engineers are always on standby to work on your machine and bring it back to live for a considerable price.

Karcher Servicing

We’re proud to say, service is and always will be a priority.

Our services range from basic repairs to technical advice on a vast array of topics for first-time owners to seasoned experts. Here at Karcher Doctor, we’re always working hard to ensure our customers are happy with their Kärcher equipment/machine.

If you have a question, need a spare part, or if something just isn’t right with your Kärcher equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kärcher customer service is based on being friendly, helpful, and effective. We aim to respond within the shortest possible amount of time.

No matter your inquiry, we’re here to help you get the most from your Kärcher product.

Karcher Parts

Karcher is renowned for manufacturing pressure washers in different sizes, capacities and level of pressure and even the best washer need service and replacement parts to sustain the performance like new ones as long as possible. Karcher replacement parts are widely available in many places. The first one you would prefer to buy from will be the dealer or retailer from where you purchased your Karcher product. However, the most economical place to buy Karcher parts will be online.

It is always recommended to use genuine parts by Karcher for your washer. This will guarantee the optimal performance of the washer even after replacement of the parts. Karcher parts might be a little expensive than the common parts available in the market, but indeed, they would prove to be best in fittings due to perfect matching of the original design. Moreover, the parts will be stable due to continuous heavy usage over the time. While purchasing replaceable parts by Karcher, ensure that you have identified the correct one for your washer as there are many part look alike. To avoid this dispute, it is recommended to take help of the Karcher manual that has a list of parts by Karcher with their specifications and part serial number.

Karcher replacement parts have the most amazing features which will enable you to replace many of the parts yourself using some basic tools and techniques. Karcher manual will guide how to do the replacement. The manual also tells you which type of repair, you should not try yourself to avoid hazard towards machine as well as you. These types of replacement parts must be fitted or installed by the technicians only. The dealer or retailer from where you bought the Karcher product will be able to provide you the specialist for this kind of replacement. However, direct contact with the manufacturer ensures the guaranteed particular brand new parts by Karcher that you need for your Karcher washer.

Karcher Products

Karcher, being one of the leading producers of office cleaning products and hygiene cleaning supplies, also takes pride in manufacturing hazard signs which are requirements of all buildings and commercial premises as specified by law. Although some of the mainstream Karcher products include Karcher vacuum cleaners and Karcher office cleaning supplies, hazard signs also form an essential part of the list of Karcher products.

As per the regulations, the hazard-signs manufactured by Karcher are normally signified by the presence of a warning triangle which is yellow with a black border to indicate all the potential hazards in one’s surroundings. Karcher also ensures that there is a symbol within the triangle which varies according to the hazard and while the presence of an exclamation mark is used to denote a general hazard, the presence of a lightning strike is meant to denote an electrical hazard. As a global organization, Karcher believes in following all regulations in case of its products due to which all Karcher products like the Karcher vacuum cleaners and Karcher office cleaning supplies are designed to adhere to the color and safety regulations.

Pressure Washer

Pressure washers have crossed the line between the industrial world and home. Nowadays it’s common to find one inside the garage or the kitchen. These washers handle a lot of stress and tension and even those with the best quality, tend to break down and require repairs, so it’s best to keep a few things in mind.

The pump is one of the most common components to break down. So it’s obviously a good idea to learn some preventive maintenance to delay pump failures. For example, change the oil once a month. A signal that there is a faulty seal is when the oil has bubbles or has turned white. This is one of the most common tasks when performing a repair on a pressure washer. Other more common problems occur due to low water levels and overheating, so always remember to check your levels before starting any work.

Industrial grade pressure washers come with one of two kinds of industry standard pumps: a cat pump or a general pump. Once the water tank is empty, make sure to switch the pump is off. Otherwise, it will burn out.

Another problem is when the water comes out with little or no pressure. This can be due to many factors including a punctured hose, a faulty pressure gauge, a low water level, a broken belt in the engine, or even a damaged water tank.

It is relatively simple to do a pressure washer repair successfully. Spare parts can be purchased from multiple retailers, and many of them are easily interchangeable: a hose, a pressure gauge, a belt or the water tank.

However, there are more serious failures that can occur, which may be trickier to diagnose or repair. For example, if the water pressure is rough or variable, it can be as a result of an air leak in the inlet water pipe or a blockage in it, causing less water to come through. If after cleaning the inlet pipe and checking for any blockages doesn’t solve the problem, replace the discharge valve, since that is a signal it is worn out.

Visit any of our outlets that are nearest to you to get your pressure washer repaired.

Steam Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning our homes, more of us are relying on the cleaning capabilities of steam cleaners, due to the appliance being environmentally friendly and proven to provide a deeper clean by removing as much as 99.9% of dirt and bacteria.

As with all appliances over time through general wear and tear steam cleaners can develop faults. In an attempt to help your steam cleaner remain working at its peak performance, below is a list of some of the more common faults and guidance on how to rectify them.

Tank Cap Cannot Be Opened:

If the reservoir cap cannot be opened on your steam cleaner, the likely cause is the boiler still being under pressure.

To resolve the issue, you’ll need to release the pressure on the boiler by switching off the heater, before turning the steam feed onto the maximum setting and pulling the trigger on the cleaner’s handle. After a short period, the cap should be loose enough to open.

Too Much Water:

If your steam cleaner has started to produce more water than steam, there are three possible faults. These are:

1) The water tank is overfilled.

2) The controller not being set to steam mode.

3) The steam cleaner is not reaching its required temperature.

Thankfully, each of these is easy to rectify. Firstly, make sure the water tank isn’t more than three quarters full; secondly, ensure the controller is set to steam mode.

And finally, make sure you are leaving your cleaner long enough to reach its optimum temperature.

Carrying out these simple repairs on your steam cleaner will help to keep the appliance working to its full potential; enabling you to provide your home with a deeper and more hygienic clean.

For more complex repair, you can reach out to us, and we will be happy to help you out.