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Karcher Repairs

Karcher machines can be repaired and put in operation again. With our specially trained and certified engineers with repair stations for each product group and a full stock of replacement parts will ensure a high-quality repair of your Karcher machine through our commercial services.

Here at Karcher Doctor, every Karcher machine will undergo a test and inspection to identify what the problem is and what the solution to the problem.

Our certified and professional engineers are always on standby to work on your machine and bring it back to live for a considerable price.

Karcher Servicing

We believe in providing our customers with a high level of support that reflects the high quality of Kärcher  products. We’re proud to say, that providing your Kärcher  product with a good servicing is the name of our game .

Our services for servicing range from Domestic and commercial repairs to technical advice on a vast array of topics for first-time owners to seasoned experts.

If you have a question, need a spare part, or if something just isn’t right with your Kärcher equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service is based on being friendly, helpful, and effective. We aim to respond within the shortest possible amount of time.

No matter your inquiry, we’re here to help you get the most from your Kärcher product.

Karcher Parts

Karcher is renowned for manufacturing pressure washers in different sizes, capacities and level of pressure and even the best washer need service and replacement parts to sustain the performance like new ones as long as possible. Karcher replacement parts are widely available in many places. The first one you would prefer to buy from will be the dealer or retailer from where you purchased your Karcher product. However, the most economical place to buy Karcher parts will be online.


It is always recommended to use genuine parts by Karcher for your washer. This will guarantee the optimal performance of the washer even after replacement of the parts. Karcher parts might be a little expensive than the common parts available in the market, but indeed, they would prove to be best in fittings due to perfect matching of the original design. Moreover, the parts will be stable due to continuous heavy usage over the time. While purchasing replaceable parts by Karcher, ensure that you have identified the correct one for your washer as there are many part look alike. To avoid this dispute, it is recommended to take help of the Karcher manual that has a list of parts by Karcher with their specifications and part serial number.


Karcher replacement parts have the most amazing features which will enable you to replace many of the parts yourself using some basic tools and techniques. Karcher manual will guide how to do the replacement. The manual also tells you which type of repair, you should not try yourself to avoid hazard towards machine as well as you. These types of replacement parts must be fitted or installed by the technicians only. The dealer or retailer from where you bought the Karcher product will be able to provide you the specialist for this kind of replacement. However, direct contact with the manufacturer ensures the guaranteed particular brand new parts by Karcher that you need for your Karcher washer.

Here at Karcher Doctor, we offer commercial Karcher part replacement service. Our qualified and professional technicians are always on standby to replace any parts of your Karcher products that needs to be replaced.

Karcher Products

Karcher, being one of the leading producers of office cleaning products and hygiene cleaning supplies, also takes pride in manufacturing hazard signs which are requirements of all buildings and commercial premises as specified by law. Although some of the mainstream Karcher products include Karcher vacuum cleaners and Karcher office cleaning supplies, hazard signs also form an essential part of the list of Karcher products.

As per the regulations, the hazard-signs manufactured by Karcher are normally signified by the presence of a warning triangle which is yellow with a black border to indicate all the potential hazards in one’s surroundings. Karcher also ensures that there is a symbol within the triangle which varies according to the hazard and while the presence of an exclamation mark is used to denote a general hazard, the presence of a lightning strike is meant to denote an electrical hazard. As a global organization, Karcher believes in following all regulations in case of its products due to which all Karcher products like the Karcher vacuum cleaners and Karcher office cleaning supplies are designed to adhere to the colour and safety regulations.

Here at Karcher Doctor, we deal with all types of commercial Karcher products. You can contact us to get any type of reliable Karcher products.

High Pressure Cleaners

High-pressure cleaners use cold water to produce a high-powered water stream to aid in tough outdoor cleaning jobs. Simply hook up the hose to an outdoor water spout. Some of these cleaners can pull water out of a bucket or other standing water pool. Most of the models are portable and have wheels to aid in mobility. Some models are capable of producing 5000 pounds of pressure or more. These are great for cleaning driveways, the sides of buildings and other places that have large areas. They are available for sale at most hardware stores, or for rent at equipment rental shops.

Several different nozzles attach to these cleaners. There is a nozzle that will produce a triangular shape to cover a significant amount of space, and another that provides a straight stream for more exact cleaning. Some specialized nozzles can mix soap and water and make a foamy stream.

The cleaners are usually gas, propane or electric powered. Gas powered cleaners tend to produce more pressure than the electric. The gas-powered cleaners can only be used outside. These are dangerous because of the amount of pressure they produce and should never be aimed at a person or animal. Directly spraying cement up close can cause cracks. It is not a good idea to use high-powered direct spray on painted areas. The pressure can chip the paint. Residential cleaners tend to be around 2000 psi. Some units do come with the capability to produce hot water which intensifies the cleaning and makes it an excellent tool for removing oil and grease stains.


You’ll discover that there are a lot of different lines of work that call for the use of the Industrial Vacuum Cleaners rather than the common vacuum cleaners that you find in the marketplace today. Carpentry businesses, construction businesses, beauty salons, and animal groomers are just a couple of the jobs that should use this type of vacuum. They require the use the heavy vacuum cleaners because they’re producing a lot of dust and dirt on a day-to-day basis. It is not comparable to vacuum-cleaning once a week or even twice a week.

These occupations plus a lot of others, use their vacuuming service day-to-day and all day long. These types used to ask to have a vacuum that will endure the constant use in addition to the kind of junk that is being vacuum-cleaned. The Industrial Cleaners that you’ll find will be able to gather up much larger items without the whole thing getting clogged. They’ll also be able to gather up the fine particles that you’ll find in wood and metals that could potentially be irritating if stuck on the surface of your skin.

Steam Cleaners

Have you wondered what steam cleaner is? Well, it is a machine that releases hot steam to clean, disinfects, and sanitizes surfaces. Some people use these devices on floors, carpets, upholstery, drapery, bathrooms, kitchen appliances, countertops, and various other exteriors. The hot steam released from steamers need to be at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit or greater to efficiently clean, sanitize, and kill pathogens from surfaces.

Steaming machines come in the form of steam mops, steam mop and sweeper combinations, multipurpose steamers, and even garment steamers that can remove pollutants from clothing. Using steam cleaners that do not require chemicals is an eco-friendly and healthy way to clean. These types of steaming devices promote healthier surroundings, due to you not having to use potentially harmful chemicals to clean your home.

When using a steam cleaner water is placed in its boiler container. Once you plug the cord of the machine into an electrical outlet, it can take anywhere from a few seconds to minutes before it is ready to use. The appliance releasing hot steam at the proper temperature and pressure will break through the pores of a surface getting rid of bacteria, mold, viruses, pests, plus other pathogens that may not be removed by disinfecting chemicals.

Scrubber Driers

If you have the need to clean large areas of hard surface flooring such as vinyl in busy areas such as a hospital or clean floors in public areas quickly, then you do need to consider purchasing a scrubber dryer if you are not already using one.

As the name suggests, the machine is used for scrubbing and drying floors. A scrubber dryer works to clean the surface by using a mechanical rotating brush at the front of the machine. This rotating brush is lubricated by water from an onboard tank that is premixed with a pre-set amount of detergent, which is then fed to the brush, which in turn uses it to wash the floor. The amount and type of detergent will vary depending upon the surface that you are trying to clean.

Where a scrubber dryer differs from other rotational floor cleaning machines is in the drying element. This is because as the machine moves along, it has a squeegee behind the rotational brush that is used to collect the waste water, detergent and any dirt scrubbed up as it goes along. A built-in vacuum unit then sucks up this waste fluid.

Overall this gives a scrubber dryer a massive advantage over other wet rotational cleaners in that it leaves the floor behind it dry. This is why a scrubber dryer is ideal for use in areas that have a heavy footfall of pedestrian traffic such as a hospital or shopping mall, as an example.

This unique drying ability also means that they are ideal for spot cleaning if someone drops a soft drink onto the floor accidentally, as an example, which will then apparently need removing from the floor quickly before it proves to be a slip hazard or the liquid dries making the floor sticky.

Sweepers Vacuum Sweepers

Almost every homeowner uses one or more vacuum sweepers to keep the carpets clean and tidy. Schools, churches, banks, and other commercial properties likewise make frequent use of this indispensable appliance. Although some models are larger, stronger, or heavier than others, their function is primarily the same: picking up lint, dust, pet hair, and other minute debris that has settled into the carpet fibers and may be causing allergic reactions or possible choking hazards for infants or toddlers. A reliable, hard-working sweeper plays an important role in any carpeted edifice.

If you use a vacuum sweeper, it is important to inspect the sweeper routinely to make sure it works properly and does not pose a safety risk. There are several things to check for every month or two, so you may want to keep a checklist taped to the inside of your utility closet door or wherever you store your home or office vacuum sweepers.

  1. Check the cord. Look for frayed or worn areas, and cover them with electrical tape. If you spot a significant break in the cord cover, have a vacuum cleaner appliance dealer or repair shop replace the entire cord. Don’t risk electrical shock or even a possible fire by neglecting this important inspection.
  2. Examine the roller and sweeper blades. Make sure the sweeper is unplugged and gently remove debris that could jam the roller or cause potential clogs. Hair strands, bobby pins, or pet fur could wind tightly around the roller and interfere with its smooth operation.
  3. Inspect the wheels and connective parts. Make sure everything fits snugly where it should and replace any stripped or loose screws. If there are cracked pieces, take the sweeper to the dealership for replacement items, including the handle, switches, extensions, and other sections.

If your home has more than one level, you may want to get a sweeper for each one to avoid carrying it up and down stairs, which could pose a tripping or fall injury hazard. Pick up small toys and objects from the floor before vacuuming to keep them from getting stuck in the sweeper and possibly causing problems. Don’t let children play with the vacuum sweeper. Store it in a safe, dry area. While a sweeper may not seem like an especially important appliance, try not using one for a week or more, and you may feel differently.

Spray Extraction Cleaner

Places like ground covering, upholstery, office chairs and passenger seats – the powerful, handy Karcher spray extraction cleaners smooth all fabric surfaces and dissolve and eliminate dust in an unmarried skip. With powerful suction turbines for unrivalled little residual moisture.