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Karcher Sweepers & Vacuum Sweepers for Professionals

A large innovative range all with high performance and rugged reliability.


From push sweepers to industrial and city cleaners: Kärcher provides machines for state-of-the-art sweeping. Our range includes machines that can sweep effectively and economically indoors and outdoors.


The Karcher Doctor can supply:


Push sweepers compact

For courtyards, paths, halls, workshops and storage areas: Kärcher push sweepers clean up to 7 times faster than a broom, are easy to handle, ergonomically designed and sweep thoroughly with little dust – even in corners.


Vacuum sweepers walk-behind

Vacuum sweepers with traction drive and dust vacuuming save time and energy. Ideal for janitors, mechanics, building cleaners and industry that are sweeping floors at least 300 m².


Ride-on sweepers

Economical, clean and efficient on medium-sized and large surfaces: The diverse variants of Kärcher ride-on vacuum sweepers allow them to meet every demand.


Litter vacuums

Compact, modern and functional cleaning machine: The Kärcher litter vacuum features an impressive range of functions and is easy of use. Ideal for cleaning outdoor areas, it picks up items like cigarette butts, leaves and bottles with ease.


City sweepers

For professional continuous-duty applications in large car parks, exhibition grounds and industrial premises. Fully developed and efficient Kärcher technology ensures reliable results.


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Karcher Sweepers & Vacuum Sweepers for Professionals

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