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Karcher Industrial Cleaning Systems for Professionals

Everything for clean industry.


Kärcher provides innovative and fully developed solutions for all demands in the field of industrial cleaning systems. The assortment includes high-pressure cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, parts cleaning systems as well as dry ice blasting machines.


The Karcher Doctor can supply:


Dry ice cleaning

Dry ice cleaning is an innovative process for cleaning surfaces in an especially gentle manner – with dry ice pellets as an abrasive.


Parts Cleaning

Ideal for removing grease and oil: Kärcher parts cleaners clean tools, engine components and other single parts in an environmentally friendly manner without solvents.


Industrial vacuums

High suction power for all your industrial cleaning needs: With the properly equipped Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner, you can vacuum fluids and combustible dust on industrial premises.


Stationary high pressure units

Kärcher high-pressure cleaning systems are ideal wherever regular cleaning and disinfection are necessary: For vehicles and machines as well as in the food and hygiene industries.


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Karcher Industrial Cleaning Systems for Professionals

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