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Karcher Doctor offers a wide range of new and refurbished Karcher Machines for sale throughout Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire.


Karcher Doctor stocks Karcher products for the Home and Garden, and also for professional use with display models available from their show room in Aldershot.


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In 1950 Alfred Kärcher invented the high-pressure cleaner. Since then we have continually optimised and developed our range.



Rugged DIY multi-purpose vacuums: These versatile units are ideal for all tough cleaning jobs: Decoration, Car, Workshop and Household.

⇒ High-pressure cleaners


Kärcher high-pressure cleaners fulfill every demand and are used in the widest variety of fields.


⇒ Vacuums


Thanks to innovative filter technology, Kärcher offers optimised solutions for versatile applications in contract cleaning, trade and industry with its choice of wet, dry or brush-type upright vacuums.


⇒ Watering Range


The complete range for plant lovers: the water specialist Kärcher provides for flexible and precise watering.


⇒ Steam Cleaners


Kärcher steam cleaners make it possible to clean hard floor surfaces, tiles, fittings and much more with little effort and without chemicals.

⇒ Carpet Cleaners


Kärcher carpet cleaning machines make fibre-deep cleaning of large carpeted areas possible and more economic.


⇒ Steam Cleaners


Hygienic and friendly to the environment: Kärcher steam cleaners clean all hard surfaces without any chemicals.


⇒ Floor Polishers


Achieve optimal results when polishing parquet, laminate, stone, PVC, cork or linoleum with Kärcher vacuum polishers.


⇒ Sweepers


Say good-bye to your dustpan and brush. With Kärcher sweepers you can clean paths, streets, driveways and yards up to 5 times as quickly.

⇒ Air Blower


Dry your carpets up to 40% faster with the Kärcher air blower.


⇒ Spray-extraction Cleaners


Kärcher spray extraction cleaners are ideal for the deep cleaning of all types of textile surfaces – from upholstery, vehicle interiors to all sizes of carpeted areas.


⇒ Window Vac


With Kärcher window vacuums you can save time when cleaning smooth surfaces such as windows, tiles and mirrors - without leaving streaks and without any dripping water.


⇒ Pumps


Decades of know-how and innovative engineering ensure the highest quality in our irrigation and drainage pumps.

⇒ Scrubber Driers


Kärcher scrubber driers hygienically clean floors, guaranteeing a brilliant performance, and a difference you will instantly see.


⇒ Sweepers & Vacuum Sweepers


Kärcher provides a whole range of sweeping machines from push sweepers to battery/mains vacuum sweepers to city sweepers.


⇒ Chassis Cleaner


Cleans and protects the underside of your vehicle from the highly corrosive combination of salt and water


⇒ Accessories


Kärcher original accessories – perfect extras to meet every requirement.

⇒ Snow Throwers


High clearing capacity, even for large quantities of snow and in hard-packed snow: Kärcher snow throwers are quick, comfortable and economical.


⇒ Industrial Cleaning Systems


Kärcher provides innovative and fully developed solutions for all demands in the field of industrial cleaning systems.


⇒ Detergents


Kärcher offers complete problem solutions in all areas with a combination of machine, accessories and cleaning agents.


⇒ Vehicle Cleaning System


From small cars to 40-tonne vehicles: Kärcher washing systems clean vehicles in an environmentally-friendly, economical manner, and they are easy to use.


⇒ Accessories


Kärcher accessories are the perfect extras to maximise the potential of your Kärcher machine.


⇒ Detergents


Innovative cleaning and care products that bring the best out of your machine.


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