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Karcher Watering Range for Home and Garden

Perfection for your garden.


Everything you need for a wonderful garden. Our flexible watering systems create ideal conditions for your plants to grow.


The Karcher Doctor can supply:


Spray Guns/Nozzles

An absolute hit: Kärcher garden spray and trigger guns feature an ergonomic design and are convenient to use. The watering pattern can be set as needed.


Connectors/Tap adaptors

Connect, couple, decouple and repair: Kärcher has the right connectors in its assortment for all available click systems and common hose diameters.


Line of brass

Highly valuable for semi-professional use: Spray guns, tap connections, and couplings made of brass guarantee an especially long service life even under demanding conditions.



Watering all the way to the most distant corner: Thanks to our extensive range of sprinklers, you will always find the right solution for diverse gardens, large or small, flat or sloping.


Hoses & Hose Reels/Trolleys

Kärcher garden hoses are kink-free as well as extremely flexible and robust. State-of-the-art hose carts ensure quick winding and unwinding. Nothing gets in the way of caring for your garden!


Timer Control Units/Timers

Even if you are on holiday you do not need to worry about the garden. Kärcher watering machines run your watering system exactly according to plan.


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Karcher Watering Range for Home and Garden

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